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Honda Display NMEA2000

・Engine RPM ・Shift position information ・GPS Speed ・Trim angle ・Boost pressure (Intake air pressure) ・Engine temperature ・Battery Voltage ・Total engine hours ・Warning Alerts (PGM-FI / ACG / Oil level / Temperature) ・Engine Alerts (Sensor faul t/ ACG fault / Oil pressure fault / Full water level fault / Maintenace timing notice / Over rev/Emergency stop SW actuation) ・ECOmo Indicator (Economy Mode / Lean Burn) – Turn to be Green
Applicable models
BF40D 1003513- BF115D/DK1 BF40DK2/DK4 1007231- BF135A4 1003841- BF50D BF135AK2 BF50DK2/DK4 BF150A4 STD 1010488- C/R 1001415- BF60A/AK1 BF150AK2 BFP60A/AK1 BF175AK1/AK2/AK3/D BF75DK3/DK4 BF200AK1/AK2/AK3/D BF80A/AK1 BF225AK1/AK2/AK3/D BF90DK4/DK5 BF250A/D BF100A/AK1